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Same Day Conditional

At TechLend, our Bridging Loans provide you with short-term
finance solutions, used to create a ‘bridge’ between
financial situations, perfect for borrowers who are
looking to buy before selling existing property.

We go above and beyond to help our clients. With our
common-sense approach to lending, we offer flexible
servicing with loans tailored to each borrower and their
specific asset position.


Residential Bridging Loans

First 3 months

Interest Free

From 5.99% thereafter. 6.25% comparison rate

  • Set up fee from 1.99%
  • Loans up to 6 months
  • Funding up to $3m
  • LVR up to 75%
  • No repayments until maturity

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    Our technology quickly does the final checks and prepares the loan documents.

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    Quick settlement & your fee

    Within 48 hours of the documents being signed, we settle the loan amount to your client and transfer your fee to your nominated account.

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